Photography: Say Anything’s ‘Anarchy, My Dear’ Fall Tour at the House of Blues (Anaheim, CA)

Say Anything (Los Angeles, CA), Murder By Death (Bloomington, IN), The Sidekicks (Ohio), Tallhart (Tampa, FL)
October 4th, 2012
House of Blues in Anaheim, CA

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Say Anything’s Anarchy, My Dear fall tour is officially underway folks!  It was kicked off at the Downtown Disney House of Blue’s in Anaheim and has Tallhart, The Sidekicks and Murder By Death along on the bill.  Tallhart who played Say Anything’s last tour has gained quite a few fans since the last tour.  Though the floor was slowly filling during their set, there were plenty people singing along with vocalist Matt Segallos.  The band puts on such an energetic show and it’s a pleasure to see Segallo’s wide-eyed stare as he pumps the fans up with a loud, “come on!” Tallhart is perfect.  If you’ve got tickets definitely show up early and catch these guys.  They deserve a listen -or 10, forever.

Ohio’s own The Sidekicks followed Tallhart.  They were stoked about how they had friended their way into the Disneyland theme park that day.  As the crowd pilled onto the floor a lot of folks including myself were awed by how good their set was.  I was almost reminded of Weezer -old Weezer but with a lot more energy.

Murder By Death followed and completely floored the audience.  They are a mixed bag of sounds that just work -having a cello, an accordion, a trumpet, strummed guitars, keys, powerful drums, and deep vocals but still fitting into the sound of the night.  Never out of place, Murder By Death is incredible.

Though I didn’t think it was possible for the Anaheim crowd to get crazier, the audience reached it’s tipping point as Say Anything hit the stage.  The band opened with “The Writing South” as the band hit their instruments, vocalist Max Bemis hit the crowd -mic in hand.  So much energy.  How fabulous is Max Bemis, honestly? He has a definite strut to his stage demeanor that is super entertaining to watch. The band played a 16 song set with a 2 song encore and their energy never died down.  Parker Case, Adam Siska, Cody Linder, and Jeff and Jake turner absolutely killed it.  Bemis’ wife and Eisley member Sherri Dupree-Bemis made a few appearances throughout their set too.  There were quite a few fans with gifts for the happy couple.  You see, Max and Sherri Bemis are expecting their first bundle of joy, a girl -so I’m told. How exciting!  The rest of the tour promises to be just as exciting.  Check out the rest of the tour dates here. Also, the bands put together a sampler in celebration of the whole thing featuring a song from each one -you could stream/download that here.

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