Photography: Flobots at The Roxy (West Hollywood, CA)

Flobots (Denver, CO), Astronautalis (Minneapolis, MN), Forrest Day (Oakland, CA)
September 21st, 2012
The Roxy in West Hollywood, CA

Gallery: Forrest Day
Gallery: Astronautalis
Gallery: Flobots

The Flobots hit The Roxy last Saturday in support of their latest release, Circle In The Square, bringing along Forrest Day and Astronautalis. Forrest Day and his band did a hell of a job starting the night off.  Forrest Day, saxophone in hand, has some definite bounce in his step and with his ska-laced jams made the crowd bounce too.  Astronautalis is an excellent performer and did not waste a second of his stage time.  While his guitarist was tuning, he asked the crowd for topics for a freestyle with some ground rules. “I won’t freestyle about anything that will get me arrested. Look at me. You really think I will last one minute in a Los Angeles jail cell?”  He got: pre-school, cheetah print, Tesla, Oscar Wilde, and biology -among others.  He hit every single one and ended up going for about 5 minutes. Rad. After a few more songs he was so winded that he told the crowd if he didn’t catch his breath he was going to have a brain aneurysm. “But I guess if I die at the motherfucking Roxy, my album sales will like double.  I already talked to my manager-if I die tonight double the price on all my material. I don’t have kids, but I wanna make sure these guys are taken care of. I want them to buy motherfucking jet skis. But more than one, there’s nothing less fun than only one jet ski. Then you’re on the jet ski and all your friends are back on land having a barbecue, and you’re out in the water doing tricks and they’re like, ‘What a dick. I liked him better before he had that motherfucking jet ski.'”  Comedic gold.  After a delay induced “FLOBOTS” crowd chant, the 6 piece band hit the stage. The band was impeccable all the way down to the way they constantly interact with their crowd, and their choreographed dancing at times. Though each member brings their own energy to the performance they still manage to deliver one solid performance with everyone in sync.  Also, how great of a dancer is Brer Rabbit? Jonny 5 had the crowd with their fists up almost the whole night while Kenny O on drums kept everyone with their heads bopping.  Mackenzie Gault kept everyone in awe with her viola and Jesse Walker killed it on the bass. Not sure who was on guitar but he killed it too. They even had Forrest Day come out and do a song with them. You’re not going to want to miss Flobots if they’re hitting your town. Dates are here.

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