Photography: 8MM & Abandoned Pools at The Roxy (West Hollywood, CA)

8MM (Hollywood), Abandoned Pools (Los Angeles), 2ndwheel (Los Angeles), Sound Cannon (Los Angeles)
September 15th, 2012
The Roxy in West Hollywood, CA

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Gallery: 2ndwheel
Gallery: 8MM
Gallery: Abandoned Pools

What a night last Saturday was at The Roxy in West Hollywood! It was a double record release show for 8MM proudly presenting their latest work Between The Devil and Two Black Hearts and Abandoned Pool’s first record in 7 years, Sublime Currency.  Sound Cannon and 2ndwheel were added as support for an already impressive lineup. If you didn’t already know: 8MM caused quite a buzz with their Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for their album and tour.  They raised over $35,000 with incredible support from their fans. This essentially being the kick off to this whole adventure of theirs, I didn’t want to miss it.

 Sound Cannon is a band you and I both are going to want to keep our ears out for.  They immediately grabbed my attention as I was walking into The Roxy. I was totally impressed with their showmanship.  Their sound was great too – the guitars, the drums, the vocals all filled the walls of The Roxy very nicely. I can’t wait to see what these boys will do in the near future.

2ndwheel followed borrowing Pelle Hillstrom on guitar and the drummer from Abandoned Pools. Fun fact: 2ndwheel is fronted by Bryce Soderberg, bassist for  Lifehouse.  Though Bryce admitted that they hadn’t been a band for that long they played really well.  They even threw in a cover of “How Soon Is Now?” by The Smiths. Nice!

The curtains of The Roxy opened again to reveal Mrs. Juliette and Mr. Sean Beaven standing on stage -though not alone.  They brought along Tim Kelleher (30 Seconds to Mars, My Darling Murder) to handle bass duties and Elias Mallin (Kill Hannah, Filter, My Darling Murder) to man the drums.  “…They don’t teach what I know,”  is a lyric Juliette Beaven coos into the microphone during The One and she is absolutely right.  8MM is a band that should have your full attention.  These two are experts at not only catching it but keeping it too.  A good portion of that is due to their incredible stage presence.  I don’t think there was a single moment where they were  just standing still.  Sean Beaven took full hold of the stage with his guitar and Juliette Beaven danced, posed, and made sure to give every single fan the attention they deserved.  The other portion was the music, of course.  Between the Devil and Two Black Hearts sounded incredible live.  Everyone in the crowd was already familiar with the music too.  The title track off the album has a part that’s perfect for crowd participation – a fun bridge of “nah-nah’s” that had the whole crowd singing and clapping along.   Sean Beaven killed it on guitar and complemented Juliette’s vocals beautifully.  Juliette Beaven was exquisite as she danced around the stage and belted out her vocals.  I loved that the band included the crowd throughout the show, making sure to let everyone know they were beautiful and thanking them profusely for all of their support.  If you don’t already have Between The Devil and Two Black Hearts you can purchase/listen to it on bandcamp here.  You totally should and learn your “na-na’s” for when they play your city -they love that and they love you!

The final band of the night and definitely not least was Abandoned Pools. Tommy Walter, mastermind behind the project came out in a leather jacket explaining to the crowd that he knew it was 90 degrees but he was going to keep it on anyway because he liked it. Fair enough, I had a cardigan on for the same reason.  Abandoned Pools had a mixed crowd at The Roxy.  They had fans who were standing in awe, fans jumping and singing loudly, fans who mouthed every word but stayed relatively still, it really was a very nice group of folks.  They played a lot of songs off of Sublime Currency but didn’t forget to include older songs.  My favorite song of the night was “Rabble” but a definite crowd favorite was “Sailing Seas.”  Tommy promised that it wouldn’t be another seven years before we’d hear new music from him but shows are still scarce.  Here’s something though: Abandoned Pools is playing September 27th at The Wire in Upland, it’s a Thursday and tickets can be purchased here.


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