Photography: Gotye at The Greek Theatre (Los Angeles)

Gotye (Bruges, Belgium)
September 4th, 2012
The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, CA

At this point it is pretty safe to admit that Gotye is a household name.  Even if you haven’t heard the name (or can’t figure out if you’re pronouncing it right -my case) I’m sure you’ve heard the song that set fire to the internet and most airwaves.  Somebody That I Used To Know, anyone? Yep, everyone.  So when the opportunity came around to see Gotye, I made sure not to miss it.  The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles provided me with the chance last Tuesday. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect but was curious anyhow.  What I found is that Gotye is a hell of a performer and an excellent musician.  His set consisted of older songs along with songs off of Making Mirrors -his third full length.  It was obvious that a lot of thought went into the details of this tour.  The backdrop was a sequence of videos that went with each song of his set.  These videos were amazing as each one would sync with the timing or the lyrics of the song he was playing.  Visuals aside, the sound at The Greek was perfect.  Wally De Backer (Mr. Gotye himself) is an incredible percussionist as well.  He would run from one station of instruments to another -all smiles, during his songs to play a drum kit or hit a symbol, it was really impressive.  I had no idea Gotye’s music was so heavy on percussion.  As the night went on he brought out more and more instruments explaining to the audience a bit about what they were.  Seeing Wally play his songs you realize that there are many layers to his music that you may not notice listening to a recording.  With the help of the other 4 guys on stage with him, his songs breathe a new life.  As the night went on crowd participation was greatly encouraged.  I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed a louder sing-a-long than when he finally played his hit song and the women (and some men -no shame) took over the Kimbra verse without any prompting. It was beautiful and it absolutely blew my mind.  Luckily for everyone Gotye’s tour is far from over -you can check out the dates here.

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