Photography: The One AM Radio at The Fillmore (San Francisco)

The One AM Radio (Los Angeles, CA), The Promise Ring (Milwaukee, WI)
September 1st, 2012
The Fillmore in San Francisco, CA

Gallery: The One AM Radio
Gallery: The Promise Ring

If you read my last piece on The One AM Radio or have ever talked music with me, know me, etc. you know that The One AM Radio is a band whose music is near and dear to my heart.  So when I got an email from Hrishikesh Hirway that said “…here’s a deal: if you come all the way out to SF, we’ll play ‘What You Gave Away.  Cool?” Well, I just couldn’t refuse. I had never been to The Fillmore before this but it definitely is a fantastic venue.  They have a great sound system and their lights are amazing. They also have a bunch of cool posters from past shows all over plus a huge tribute to Jerry Garcia on one of the walls (super rad). I was front and center messing with the settings on my camera when I first heard the shakers go off.  It took my brain a few seconds to catch up with what was going on.  Soon after came the first verse of the song I had come all the way to San Francisco to see played, “the Pacific North West Coast, holds a place I long to see...” I was so stoked that I was kinda standing there in awe of the whole thing.  The song is exquisite and as amazing as it sounds recorded, it is absolutely brilliant live.  The set that followed it was equally as incredible.  Scott Leahy killed it on guitar while Hrishikesh made the venue buzz behind his station and Dave Chimo on percussion made everything sound so full.  As each song ended I noticed the cheers get louder and louder.  It was way cool.  To top the whole night off I got to see The Promise Ring play an amazing set and crack some pretty hilarious jokes about their age, skinny jeans, and somehow Justin Beiber if I heard correctly.   San Francisco has always been incredibly kind to me and this night was one for the books -though it body-slams any other show I’ve seen in SF to date.  The One AM Radio doesn’t have any shows coming up but if you’ve yet to hear their stuff, get it here.  You will not regret it.  Fans of The Promise Ring in Chicago, get ready because they’re coming for you! Dates are here.  Anyway, [1] this is me now whenever I try to explain how SF went to my friends.

[1] Not sure where the GIF is from, who that is in it, or in what context it was originally intended to be used in. But I feel like it fits here, in that “this music is so awesome that you have to hear it for yourself because I have no words” way.

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