Photography: The One AM Radio at The Satellite (Los Angeles, CA)

The One AM Radio (Los Angeles, CA)
August 24th, 2012
The Satellite in Los Angeles, CA

The One AM Radio have been around for years now.  The project fronted by Hrishikesh Hirway, has put out: four full length records -with the latest just out last year, five EPs, and four 7” including his latest contribution -3 tracks for the film Save The Date out in November which you can get here.   If his music has yet to grace your ears then something is wrong and we need to fix it because I want you to love The One AM Radio as much as I do.  The One AM Radio makes music that is simple yet elegantly textured.  If you’re a fan of ambient beats-folky-synthy-glitchy stuff this is the band for you.   When I walked into The Satellite the floor was sparse, the majority of the folks were entertained by the bar.  As the set progressed more and more people started making their way to the floor.   Hirway confessed they were trying something new that night and whatever it was -he didn’t specify, worked.   The live trio sounded great.  Hirway cycled through his mic, guitar, laptop, and drum machine calmly and seamlessly.  I was constantly hypnotized by the guitar riffs Scott Leahy played.  Particularly the riff in Sunlight, it sounded incredible live.  Not sure who was on drums but the added kit rounded Hirway and Leahy very nicely.  The set was a nice mix of older and newer material.  They even played Those Distant Lights!  I wish they would have played What You Gave Away, one of my favorite songs of all time -but I guess I’ll just have to gladly make my way out to another show to see if  it pops up in a setlist.  The next show for The One AM Radio is September 1st in San Francisco.  They’re playing with The Promise Ring at The Fillmore and tickets can be purchased here.  Road trip anyone? I’ll drive, you bring the snacks, yes?


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