Photography: The Royal Concept at The Constellation Room (Santa Ana, CA)

The Royal Concept (Sweden), Thee Rain Cats (CA)
August 20th, 2012
The Constellation Room in Santa Ana, CA

The Royal Concept is a glorious band hailing from Sweden consisting of four extremely well dressed and talented men: Filip Bekic (guitar), David Larson (vocals, guitar, and keys), Frans Povel (drums), and Magnus Robert (bass).  They played The Constellation Room in Santa Ana on Monday with local band Thee Rain Cats.  Having spent some time on The Royal Concept’s soundcloud page I noticed an undeniable resemblance in sound to French band, Phoenix.  However, once you see these boys live that resemblance goes straight out the window.  They hold their own quite nicely, thank you very much -and what a performance! The guys had 3 keyboards on stage in between their guitar duties and still managed to interact with the crowd constantly.  David Larson is a heck of a showman too -one moment he’s on the floor, the next he’s at the drum set, the next he’s stretched out towards the crowd grabbing a lucky fan’s cellphone in recording mode.  Their synthy brand of indie pop plays excellently live and had the crowd dancing throughout their whole set.  Seeing as how this was their second show in CA and first in Santa Ana, it is safe to say it was a success.  If you’d like to experience one of their amazing live shows for yourself check out the rest of their dates here.  If you’d like to take a listen for yourself beforehand grab a free download of their song “Naked Dumb” over here.


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