Photography: Devil’s BeatDown at Whisky A Go Go (West Hollywood)

Devil’s BeatDown (CA)
August 11st, 2012
Whisky A Go Go in West Hollywood, CA

They’re here folks, the new and improved Devil’s BeatDown -risen from the ashes that was Devil In A Black Dress.  They played the Whisky A Go Go last Saturday to their biggest audience to date.  Frontman, Frank Cassara was armed with t-shirts and a few copies of their newest EP to give out to those lucky enough to catch them.  It was like Christmas for the crowd and what greater gift than the gift of great live music?  They played so hard that even their drummer, Bassem Girgis broke his bass drum head a few songs in, patched it up with duct tape (got to love the duct tape), and kept right on going.  The band as a whole has such incredible stage presence and so much energy during their performance that the crowd couldn’t help but be fixed at attention. With 6 guys on stage there was always something exciting going on.  Even Frank’s intimidating pacing of the stage looked cool.  Their set consisted of their newest material.  You see, Devil’s BeatDown just recently finished recording their newest EP which was produced by Bad Religion’s very own Greg Hetson.  Keep your ears out for that -it’s going to be heavy, raw, and awesome and not at all “hipster-like” because they are very serious about that.   In the meantime you can check out two of their upcoming tracks via their soundcloud here.

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