Photography + Video: Alt-J at the Echo (Los Angeles)

∆ (Alt-J) (Leeds), Erika Spring (Brooklyn, NY)
August 1st, 2012
The Echo in Los Angeles, CA

Gallery: Erika Spring
Gallery: ∆ (Alt-J)

Back in June I got this amazing email from John about Alt-J.  After following the link over to the band’s soundcloud page and hitting the play button about 20 times consecutively I replied, “holy mother of awesome.” Since then I’ve been a frequent visitor of their soundcloud page, constant annoyance to friends -because you know, they “just have to hear this awesome band,” -I’m an awesome friend I promise, and have been anxiously waiting for their show at The Echo.  The day I was waiting for was last Wednesday and from the huge line of folks outside of The Echo I wasn’t the only one. They played to a sold-out crowd and had Something Died in Memphis and Erika Spring (from Au Revoir Simone) open up the show.  The night didn’t get rolling until Alt-J came on.  I have never seen so many people at The Echo. The room vibrated with each hit of the keys, everyone nodded their heads to each syllable sung, and the room swayed with each guitar strum and drum beat. The songs have changed a bit from the demos on soundcloud I originally heard but they have come along really nicely. The guys that make up Alt-J: Joe Newman (vocals/guitar), Gwil Sainsbury (guitar/bass), Gus Unger-Hamilton (keys/vocals), and Thom Green (drums) are the masterminds behind some of the most creative music I have heard in a long time. I cannot wait to get my hands on their record.  The US release of their debut album,  An Awesome Wave is not until September 18th via Canvasback Music. For those LA folks who missed them, couldn’t get in, or just recently learned of Alt-J: they’ll be at The Bootleg Theater on September 29th! Tickets can be purchased here.  But for the folks in Illinois and New York heads up Alt-J will be in your town shortly – dates are here. Don’t miss out!

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