Festival Review + Photos: Cities 97 Basilica Block Party 2012, Day 2 (Minneapolis, MN)

O.A.R. (Rockville, MD), Graffiti6 (London, UK), The Lumineers (Denver, CO), Fitz and the Tantrums (Los Angeles, CA), The Avett Brothers (Concord, NC), The Boys N’ The Barrels (Minneapolis, MN), Phantom Tails (Minneapolis, MN), Farewell Milwaukee (Minneapolis, MN), Stuart D’Rozario (Minneapolis, MN), Lucy Michelle & The Velvet Lapelles (Minneapolis, MN)
July 7th, 2012
Cities 97 KTCZ
The Basilica of Saint Mary in Minneapolis, MN

Smugmug Gallery: Basilica Block Party 2012 Day 2

One of the perks of getting in early to the Block Party is getting to check out some of the sound checks. I made the hike to the main stage in time to see The Lumineers set up and perform their breakout hit “Ho Hey“. It was just a taste of what was to come later in the day. Speaking of taste, it was at that point I discovered I had left nine food tickets in my car, you best believe I went back and got them!

The Boys N’ The Barrels played to a very big gathering at the Vita.mn local stage. This was great to see, as there was also a swarm of people running from the gates to get a spot up close for The Lumineers, performing at 6 on the main stage. Local artist and Basilica veteran Stuart D’Rozario played the first set on the Walser stage. I did not get a good feel for his music unfortunately because of my earplugs and the small window of time between the Walser Stage and the Sun Country’s start times.

The Lumineers have quickly become extremely popular across several radio stations in town, much in the way that Mumford and Sons did the year before. Earlier in the article, I posted a link to their video, but here it is again if you missed it earlier and are a little more curious at this point: “Ho Hey“.

Back on the Vita.mn local stage, I caught the tail end of Farewell Milwaukee‘s set. They sounded fantastic, and just when I thought the set was over because the band left the stage, they actually went off the front of the stage and into the audience for a song! Above is a photo of them performing their last song in the middle of the crowd, very cool!

Graffiti6 from the UK played the Walser stage. I could not get into this music, but to each their own.

Fitz and the Tantrums also returned this year to the BBP, but upgrading their situation to the main stage. One thing that was downgraded in the transition was Fitz’s outfit, trading in a suit for a plain black t-shirt. Noelle was as sassy and energetic as ever, hammering away at the tambourine like no other. It had been a while since I took in a FATT show, last time it was in a bar called “Bunkers” in the dead of winter.

Caught a bit of Phantom Tails in their make-up set that was supposed to be the day before, but was rained out. My apologies to Lucy Michelle & The Velvet Lapelles, as I missed their set. I have caught them previously and they always put on such a solid performance. I have no doubt that they put on a great show, just as the entire Vita.mn lineup did all day.

O.A.R. closed out the second stage this year. I was there for the first song and a half, then sprinted to the main stage. I did not make it back to the second stage, as I spent a lot of time at the main stage.

The Avett Brothers
, for those who have seen them perform live, what can you say about their show? Lets see… it’s energized, mesmerizing, captivating, blazing fast at times, slow and lovely at others, and ridiculously engaging. I’m not sure how I missed this band for so long, but some times that is a great thing, because now I have years and years of their music to submerge myself in.

Smugmug Gallery: Basilica Block Party 2012 Day 2

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