Photography: Young Empires at the Bootleg Bar (Los Angeles, CA)

Humans (East Vancouver, BC), Young Empires (Toronto, Canada)
July 5th, 2012
The Bootleg Bar  in Los Angeles, CA

Gallery: Humans
Gallery: Young Empires

Are you familiar with Young Empires? How about their super cool interactive facebook connect video for their song, “White Doves?” If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, you’ve got some research to do.  The Bootleg Bar played host to these dudes last Thursday.  They brought along Humans who are not your ordinary electronic band.  They blend their use of technology, vocals, and sweet dance moves together to deliver a hell of a performance that’s just as much fun to watch as it is to be a part of. Young Empires have been turning heads recently and they should.  From the minute these guys stepped on stage to set up it seemed they had an air to them that said, “Are you ready to party? ‘Cause I’m ready to party.” Is that a weird thing to infer? Probably. Though the crowd at the Bootleg wasn’t the largest -if those in attendance weren’t sitting and drinking, they were dancing, or rotating every now and then -you couldn’t help it. These guys blur many styles of music including indie and electronica that will make even the toughest of crossed-arm show goers tap their feet -at the very least. Keep  an eye on Young Empires and if you’re so inclined see them live while they’re on tour -dates are here.

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