Photography + Video: Royal Headache at the Blue Star (Los Angeles, CA)

Royal Headache (Sydney, Australia)
June 20th, 2012
The Blue Star in Los Angeles, CA

Last Wednesday night at around 9 o’clock I found myself in the Industrial District of Los Angeles staring at the Blue Star. I had four thoughts: is it safe to park a car here, where is that dog’s owner -it looks lonely, is the barbed wire really necessary, and can a show go on at a place this small? Answers: Yes it is, not sure, not sure but it looks kind of cool now that I think about it, and hell yes! Royal Headache, the Australian garage band who have been on the backend of some “R&B -infected punk songs” had the headlining spot of the night.  Yeah, you read that correctly.  They played to a small but very interactive crowd. I’d never seen crowd surfing spring from a group so small. It was obvious the majority of the folks at the Blue Star were there to see Royal Headache as they knew every single word. I am not sure if they all knew each other previously or if they all just bonded super fast over Royal Headache’s jams.  Honestly, neither would surprise me.  What I truly enjoyed was how raw everything was.  The band announced that they had a fill-in bass player who was still learning songs.  Shogun, their vocalist just paces back and forth on the stage with the mic grasped in one hand -when he’s not jumping into the crowd to crowd-surf, of course.  The guitarist, bassist, and drummers just take the back seat and let the show happen. They had some technical difficulties at the beginning and it didn’t even phase the guys. Though the night was chilly (CA standards) by the end of their set Shogun had stripped down to just his jeans.  So glad I got to see these dudes and I cannot wait for them to come back. San Francisco- heads up! Don’t miss your chance to see Royal Headache tomorrow at Thee Parkside, $7, 21+ (sorry kids). 

[vimeo w=500&h=281]

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