Photography: Cass McCombs Band at the El Rey Theatre (Los Angeles, CA)

Cass McCombs Band (San Francisco, CA), The Entrance Band (Los Angeles, CA)
June 2nd, 2012
El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles, CA

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Gallery: Cass McCombs

I had been hearing beautiful things about Cass McCombs’ latest tour run.  When I found out his tour was coming to the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles I made sure I was there. The El Rey Theatre is one of my favorite venues to see a show in and it suited Cass’ tour very nicely.  You see, Cass McCombs is traveling with the back-lit wall of lights from his music video for The Same Thing made by Jake and Mollie.  Those lights provided a strikingly beautiful visual for his show and set the mood for the entire night. The support for the night was local band The Entrance Band who put on a very energetic and entertaining performance.  Once Cass McCombs and his band hit the stage the lights in the venue went off and the wall came on.  The show was beautiful, all you really saw from the audience were silhouettes so the focus was almost entirely on the music.  He had a special guest who sang a few songs with him and on her own. He also had one of the most attentive and kind audiences I have ever seen. His latest run of shows is unfortunately over but if you’re in Oregon or in the UK he’ll be around your parts in August.  Dates can be seen here.

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