Concert Review + Photography: Sondre Lerche at The Garage (London, England)

Sondre Lerche (Bergen, Norway), Chris Peck (East London), and Sweet Lights (Philadelphia, PA)
May 29th, 2012
The Garage in London, England

Sondre Lerche is a Norwegian singer, songwriter, and also film composer.  He and some local friends put off a show at The Garage in London, England.  After been away from Sondre’s music for some time, I was very curious to see what he was doing these days.

Sweet Lights was the first musician to take the stage of the evening.  He instantly reminded me of Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes, but mixed with the live instrumentation of Holy Fuck.  It was really quite interesting to see how he combined his voice and guitar with looping sound effects and other instruments all using an array of foot pedals and devices.  The artist himself did not speak much to the crowd other than simple hello’s and goodbye’s but he had no problem expressing himself through his music.  Sweet Lights is one artist I am going to follow closely and begin listening to a lot more.

The second musician to take the stage was Chris Peck, normally known as Chris Peck and The Family Tree, but on this night he was not accompanied by his band which he made known to the audience that he felt out of his element by performing alone but with the crowds support and cheers of encouragement he Chris was able to perform quite admirably. With the sound of just his voice and his acoustic guitar Chris sang deep songs about, in his words “Love Story and Murder”.  He showed great passion for his songs and instantly showed signs of a deep person and to not be the kind to be judged at first glance.

The third and final solo musician to take the spotlight was the man himself, Sondre Lerche.  Listening to him all through highschool made this moment special for me, as I was hoping to hear my favorites.  Sondre’s first words were making it clear to the audience that this was a very non-formal show and that he was not on tour and therefore would be taking requests.  This instantly cause the crowd to holler out their favorite songs and he did his best to play all of them.  Looking around the room as he played song after song I could see people lip singing every word, and just looking happy to be seeing such a great musician.  Some couples were even dancing. Not to mention Sondre’s music is very catchy and has great rhythm to it, I myself couldn’t help but tap or nod my head to the music.  Sondre showcased his skills in acoustic and electric guitar playing, with slower more heartfelt songs to faster distorted soloing songs, I couldn’t help but really see the passion this man has for his music.  If it wasn’t the obvious mastery of songwriting, his lyrics, or the rocker soul he has for guitar playing, it was the expressions on Sondre’s face that gave away that he loves what he does and and will continue to make amazing music for as long as he lives.  Sondre Lerche is an artist that has been reborn to my tastes for music and has showed me what it means to have a true connection between the audience and the performer.

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