Concert Review + Photography: The Black Dahlia Murder at The Annex Wreck Room (Toronto)

The Black Dahlia Murder (Detroit, MI), Exhumed (San Jose, CA), Fuck The Facts (Gatineau, QC), and A Faster Now (Toronto, ON)
May 24th, 2012
The Annex Wreck Room in Toronto, ON

The infamous Annex Wreck Room was proud to have The Black Dahlia Murder and other bands play at their venue this past thursday night, as part of The Black Dahlia Murder’s current tour the “Canadian Ritual Tour” to help promote their new album Ritual and to help promote the bands that were touring with them.

The first band to play was A Faster Now which is a local Toronto thrash metal band, they are fairly new having only formed in 2010, but have earned there place in the local metal scene in Toronto and have big aspirations for the future, with the classic thrash metal sound combined with intense breakdowns, it wont be long before this band will be headlining their own tour.

The next band to play was Fuck The Facts. At first hearing a band name like that, one would assume they would almost have a punk edge to them, aside from the obvious anarchy of the band they slammed out the tightest black metal grindcore I have ever heard, instantly hooked I spoke with the female lead singer who by the sound of her voice would almost make Angela Gossow of Arch Enemy jealous.  Originally from Ottawa, the band has been around since 2001 and have made quite the name for themselves. After releasing several albums, and also a DVD the band shows no signs of slowing down.

The third band to perform this evening was Exhumed.  Being an American death metal band from San Jose, California, and being around since 1990, they were the perfect band to play second last to warm up the crowd for The Black Dahlia Murder.  The band helped shape what is known today as “Gore-Metal” and have been touring and releasing albums for years.  The band has been part of European tours, Australian, Japan, Iceland, and has even performed at Wacken Open Air Festival.

At long last, after the crowd had already been sweating profusely, it was time for The Black Dahlia Murder to perform.  With intro music from their album playing and nearly every male in the crowd removing their tee-shirt, the band began their set.  With the piercing vocals of lead singer Trevor Strnad and the insane drumming and guitar playing of Shannon Lucas and Ryan Knight, I knew it was going to be a night to remember.  There were people stage diving in the medium sized venue and a pole right in the middle of the crowd in which the band instructed fans to form a circle pit around. All that could be heard were fans screaming along to the lyrics of their favorite songs and the feeling of the double bass drums pounding in my chest.  In the back of the room beer bottles were raised as the ones in the drinking section, arms over the others shoulders sang along as well.  I can remember Trevor encouraging the people at the back to come forward with words like “We’re all friends here” and giving the mic to people at the front to have their moment to sing a part of the song.  Sweat pouring and bodies flying everywhere, and favorites being played by all albums and requests being taken, The Black Dahlia Murder proved to be as friendly and as funny as well as very metal as I knew that they would be.  It was a night i certainly will not forget, for me it felt like the old local shows I used to go to in my home town and it was very cool to get that sense from such a widely successful band as The Black Dahlia Murder.

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