Concert Review + Photography: Brighton, MA at the Beat Kitchen (Chicago, IL)

Brighton, MA (Chicago, IL)
May 11th, 2012
Beat Kitchen in Chicago, IL

Chicago’s indie-rock band, Brighton, MA is out with a new a EP, Billboard Sun, and last Friday night they showed it off at the Beat Kitchen. The crowd, certainly fans of the band seemed to be afraid of getting close to the stage. They cheered, clapped, and sang along with lead singer, Matt Kerstein; but it seemed like they played the “floor near the front of the stage is made of lava” game. A short, but well played show for Brighton, MA; a band that is so cohesive on stage they could play with blindfolds on, and not miss a beat. Highlights from the show include songs; “White Flag”, the very sexy, “Sweet Delusions”, and “Wake The Dead”. It’s nice to see that although there was not much banter with the crowd, or between the bandmates themselves, that they still have fun on stage. Despite having had their songs in popular television shows such as; Gossip Girl, Castle, and Community these guys are grounded and approachable. After the final song, “Sidewalkin’” lead singer Matt Kerstein just jumped off stage and walked right into the crowd; hugging and high-fiving fans.


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