Photography: Campfire OK at the Doug Fir (Portland, OR)

The Hague (Portland, OR), Campfire OK (Seattle, WA), The Lonely Forest (Anacortes, WA)
May 9th, 2012
The Doug Fir Lounge in Portland, OR

Gallery: The Hague
Gallery: Campfire OK
Gallery: The Lonely Forest

Last Wednesday Campfire OK played the Doug Fir with local Portland band The Hague and The Lonely Forest from Washington.  I had been wanting to see Campfire OK since I got my hands on their album, Strange Like We Are early last year (an album you need if you don’t own it already).  I actually put it on my list of things I wanted to do in 2012.  What, some people make lists okay?  It feels pretty good to cross things off of it.  Anyway, to put it simply Campfire Ok are more than just “OK”-they’re fantastic.  They started playing to a small crowd of folks who had dispersed after The Hague.  By the time they were done the floor was full.  If the music itself (piano, synths, banjos, horns, acoustic/electric guitars, percussion, oh my!) doesn’t get you going, Melodie Knight’s constant jumping/dancing into and out of the crowd will.  If that’s still not enough they have frontman Mychal Cohen who is constantly killing it with his excellent vocals, keys, and guitar skills. They also have Andrew Hanigan rounding their sound with a banjo and adding accessory horns to a few of their songs.  Brandon Milner’s percussion is amazing and sets the tone for the whole thing.  This is a band that has full knowledge of how important a live show really is and knows how to put on a great one at that.   Their setlist consisted of songs from Strange Like We Are and they treated the crowd to some new songs from their upcoming album.  An album where if everything goes Campfire Ok’s way we’ll see sometime this year according to Mychal.   I was also told that us CA-ian’s might be able to expect Campfire OK in our neck of the woods late this year.  Here’s to keeping our fingers crossed!  But until then those lucky folks up North can keep tabs on their next shows here and the rest of us can keep falling in love with Campfire OK via videos.

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