Incubus (Calabasas, CA)
May 9th, 2012
Myth Nightclub in Maplewood, MN

It had been a while since I’ve been to a concert where it’s a one band show, probably was the Rush’s “Snakes and Arrows” tour a number of years back. Fast forward to last night where it was all Incubus, all night… hell yes!

The feeling in the venue was one of extreme anticipation, evident by the floor of the venue being filled quick and early. Once the lights went down and Brandon Boyd strolled out onto the stage, people were losing their minds like the band had put out amazing music for 20 years and this was their public appearance. Starting out with “Privilege” and diving right into “Megalomaniac,” then jumping to 2011’s If Not Now, When? with “Adolescents.” It was at that point that I proceeded into the photo pit for songs four, five and six.

Brandon Boyd and his hair

I must take a moment to point out that the people that work the venue and the security detail at the Myth have been amazing for each show I have been to. Pit detail was conscious of the crowd, but also of the photogs trying to get that certain angle and making it possible by slightly crouching or stepping over for a second. This is very appreciated and should not go without mention.

Ben Kenney

After leaving the photo pit, I made my way to the back of the venue for a different vantage point. I took to the stairs in the back of the venue that overlooked the sea of energy. It was at that point that the acoustic intro to “Drive” started up and a huge roar of approval came up from the audience. This was the first of two passive sing alongs that happened during the night, the other was for “Wish You Were Here.”

Cellphones! If you want a video of “Drive”, there will just a few from last night floating around.

There is a little discrepancy if  “Gratitude”, a Beastie Boys cover from the Check Your Head album was slipped into the set, or a low Beasties song. This would have been of course in honor of the late Adam “MCA” Yauch, who recently passed after being diagnosed with cancer in 2009. Incubus’ album S.C.I.E.N.C.E.had a very heavy hip hop influence and no doubt played a role in their early sound. On May 4th, Brandon Boyd tweeted: “The Beastie Boys and MCA were a big source of inspiration to Incubus. Our love and thoughts are with them.”

All Incubus, all night

For the encore, the band performed “Pantomime” and “Warning,” not the most encore-worthy songs in this photographer’s opinion, but I suppose “Dig” can’t make every setlist.

Earth to Bella

Setlist: Source

Anna Molly
If Not Now, When?
Pardon Me
Pendulous Threads
In the Company of Wolves
(Possible) Gratitude (Beastie Boys cover)
Earth to Bella (Part I)
Earth to Bella (Part II)
Nice To Know You
Wish You Were Here
Sick Sad Little World


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