Concert Review + Photography: Alcoholic Faith Mission at Schubas Tavern (Chicago, IL)

Alcoholic Faith Mission (Copenhagen, Denmark)
May 5th, 2012
Schubas Tavern in Chicago, IL

“I read that they are from Brooklyn.” “I really like their name. I wonder how they got it.” “I hope they play….” “No, 421 Wythe Ave, man. You have to hear that album.” These were just a few of the phrases I overheard from the crowd at Schubas Tavern, as Alcoholic Faith Mission set up. The audience was filled with a variety of people. From fans who drove 5 hours from Indiana to people who didn’t know anything about the band. One thing is for certain, everyone in attendance Saturday night at Schubas Tavern left happy.

AFM opened up with “Alaska”, a power rock track off their new album, Ask Me This. From the moment the heavy guitar riffs started those that were seated alongside the wall jumped to their feet, and those standing around grew closer to the stage.  Behold, the power of AFM. This six-piece from Copenhagen performs as an extremely tight collective, that puts 1,000% into their performance. Whether it’s adorably petite, Kristine banging powerfully on a drum, or Sune dancing across the stage with a smile on his face as he plays guitar; one this is certain AFM is a band you must catch on this tour.

AFM played a diverse assortment of their songs, that included: “Legacy” from the Running With Insanity EP, and “Got Love, Got Shellfish” off of Let This Be The Last Night We Care. ”Got Love, Got Shellfish” inspired a dance party, as did “Running With Insanity”, as the crowd clapped on and sang along “OhhohhWhoooaaahoohhhoohh” . There was something akin to Bon Iver when lead singer, Thorben sang, “You’re a sexy little bitch.”, during “We Need Fear.” Maybe it was his grizzled face, but I think it was more in part to the honesty of his lyrics and stage presence.  Kristine’s stunning and compelling vocals, “You’ll get one, two, three little words before I rip your heart into four pieces.”, during “Ask Me This” stopped all in their place.

The crowd certainly could have watched AFM play for another hour and a half. But as all good things must come to and end, AFM concluded with “Nut In Your Eye”, a song from 421 Wythe Ave, which they had also recorded earlier at the Daytrotter studios. The release of their session at Daytrotter is unknown at the moment, but stay turned to Mezzic’s twitter, because we will be sure to tell you when it goes live. Until then, be sure to check out the rest of AFM’s tour dates to see when you can catch them live.


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