Photography: Wild Beasts at The Echo (Los Angeles, CA)


Wild Beasts (Kendal, England), Superhumanoids (Los Angeles)
April 18, 2012
The Echo in Los Angeles, CA

Gallery: Superhumanoids
Gallery: Wild Beasts

The Wild Beasts kindly graced Los Angeles with their presence again at the Echo last Wednesday night. It seemed almost like déjà vu  from their show at the Echoplex last year.  Katie Harkin was there again helping play keyboards, banging on some drums, and lending her vocals.  Also, that “wild-fucking-beasts” shouting guy from their show last year was there again! That guy is super cool.  Hayden Thorpe even made that joke about changing their band name again.  Except this time they had local Los Angeles band Superhumanoids open-who absolutely killed it and were an excellent warm up for the show that the Wild-Fucking-Beasts put on after. The show was at the Echo stage this time and although it is considerably smaller than the Echoplex that’s located below the Echo, people jammed their way into the dimly lit venue and danced and sang nonetheless.  The band opened with “Bed of Nails” and ended with “End Come Too Soon” appropriately.  It’s always nice to see people in the crowd swaying in sync with the band but it’s even better to hear them trying to hit the same notes.  Some succeeded and some didn’t and even though it was obvious it didn’t stop them.  The crowd in attendance at any show can make or break it and luckily the crowds the Wild Beasts bring out are always incredible.  For those of you across the pond the latest Wild Beasts show calendar can be viewed here.

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