Photography + Video: The 4ontheFloor at First Avenue (Minneapolis)

The Evening Rig (Minneapolis, MN), The Boys N’ the Barrels (Minneapolis, MN), Roster McCabe (Minneapolis, MN), The 4ontheFloor (Minneapolis, MN)
April 13, 2012
First Avenue in Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Beard-Rock was alive and well in the First Avenue Main Room on Friday night. The 4ontheFloor  (4otF) headlined a four band bill of amazing local talent that became a sellout just days before the show. It was also my friend Brittney’s 30th Birthday, so there’s that.

The Evening Rig kicked things off

The Evening Rig opened the show with driving rock riffs and a singer with some grit to his voice. This band is rock, alt-country and a few slower songs mixed in for good measure. They were a great choice for an opening band, so much energy with songs like “The Steve McQueens” and “All the Stars” to get the growing audience engaged and warmed up for the night.

The Boys N’ The Barrels

The middle portion of the show brought out musical diversity with The Boys N’ The Barrels and Roster McCabe. The Boys are a good ol Bluegrass band that I’ve seen a number of times, most notably when they were part of an O Brother Where Art Thou tribute show last year.

Roster McCabe melting 1500 faces at once

Roster McCabe has been a band that is always evolving in their sound over the years that I have seen them play. They have gone from a jam band with a lot of long, smooth songs and a handful of more intense songs, to what they were Friday night: Rock Reggae Funk with hits of dubstep and much less jam. One of their last songs of the night was a stellar rendition of Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” which featured Gabriel Douglas of 4otF on a few verses. Be sure to check out Roster McCabe at their website and know that all of their music is available for free.

Mark of 4otF
The 4ontheFloor was met by an audience chanting their name and ready to jump, stomp and maybe even solve a riddle if the chance presented itself. The set kicked off with “Lionhearted” and was followed by “Cashillac”, “Howl 4 Me”, and “Junkie”. Unusual covers make their ways into the set including “We’re Working Hard” by Retribution Gospel Choir who hail from the great city of Duluth, MN.
The set ended with “Bricklayer”, but the mass of people was not going to let them get away that easily. The encore consisted of what looked like all four bands on stage performing the Chicago classic “I’m a Man” and capping the night off with “Not Tonight”. Check out the video of “I’m a Man” and my Smugmug gallery of all of the bands from the night.
James of 4otF keeping everyone in 4/4 time
Gabriel and Chris of 4otF feeding off the energy
Building a set list


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