Photography + Video: La Dispute at Eagle Rock Center for the Arts (Los Angeles, CA)

La Dispute (Grand Rapids, MI), Balance and Composure (Doyletown, PA), All Get Out (Charleston, SC), Sainthood Reps (Long Island, NY)
April 6, 2012
Eagle Rock Center for the Arts in Los Angeles, CA

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Gallery: Balance and Composure
Gallery: La Dispute

To put it simply: La Dispute shows are insane.  If you want to be part of the action you can expect to walk out from the venue with a few bruises, maybe a cut or two, and definitely with a sore body.  If you don’t feel it that night you’ll feel it the morning after (my case).  You’ll also walk out of there with a few new friends.  La Dispute puts on a show so passionate that you can’t help bonding with those around you.  I’m also going to have to agree with the lead vocalist of All Get Out when he said that everyone beats each other up but they do it out of love.  That’s probably the best way to put it.  La Dispute is one of those bands that just kills it live.  It feels so nice to be in a crowded room with people who are just as passionate for a band as you are.  I believe one of the best feelings one can experience comes from singing out songs with a room full of strangers that seem like family.  That is a feeling you can’t help but share at a La Dispute show.  For those in other parts of the country: you can still catch the Sainthood Reps, All Get Out, and Balance and Composure on tour with La Dispute -dates can be found here.



Dave Summers is so freakin’ cool.


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  1. says: Tracy

    Hi Araceli! I hope you don’t think I felt like you or your friends shouldn’t have been there and I’m sorry if you did. I don’t think I fit the part either…if there even is such a thing. You weren’t the only one in that attire so please do not take it as a personal attack. Again, I was just reporting what I saw. Thank you for taking the time to read and voice your opinion. Hopefully you’ll be at more La Dispute shows in the future. But I really did feel for the girls in the crowd which was the point of the picture in the first place. I agree that barriers would have been awesome but it looks like it’s not the style of the venue. That initial push looked mighty painful. I hope your knees are okay too!

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