Photography: O’Brother at the Satellite (Los Angeles)

Beware of Safety (Los Angeles, CA), O’Brother (Atlanta, GA), Junius (Boston, MA)
March 3rd, 2012
The Satellite in Los Angeles, CA

O’Brother did it again folks.  The band hailing from Atlanta, Georgia came to Los Angeles -hair in tow, and caused music induced head-banging headaches as well as numerous hearing outages in one or both ears of those in attendance.  Or as the band has formally dubbed it #bangover.  Co-headling with Boston based band Junius and Los Angeles’ own Beware of Safety together they set up a night of incredible music.   The setlist covered new and old songs although the majority was from Garden Window (an album that should be in your collection if not already).  O’Brother is a band that definitely conquers any stage they set foot on.  At times it seemed that the venue was too small to contain the sounds they were producing. Look out for them on the road and get to a show if you can make it, you’ll be thanking yourself for days for being there.

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