Photography + Video: Kristoff Krane and Buck 65 at the Casbah (San Diego, CA)

Illuminauts (Chula Vista, CA), Kristoff Krane (Minneapolis, MN), Buck 65 (Mt. Uniacke, Nova Scotia)
February 21st, 2012
The Casbah in San Diego, CA

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Every once in a while a piece of music comes along that changes you.  It’s even nicer when a show comes around and does it too.  The kind of ‘shakes-you-to-your-core’ type thing. Shows are meant to be the epitome of the audio experience -you get the visual too.  Tuesday night at the Casbah was exactly that.   Kristoff Krane is a hell of a performer and a powerful one at that.  He started his show as a shadow in an empty room asking people to move forward and ended with a giant crowd as close to the stage as possible.   He still manages to come off so human as he puts himself on display for the audience to not just enjoy but to feel.  A show he dedicated to his friend’s passing, his energy was out of this world.   He treated the crowd to a freestyle where the subjects chosen by the crowd were: patchouli, goalie, and bicycles.  He went on for about 5 minutes and it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.  Not long after, Buck 65 took the stage. Buck 65 is legendary.  Buck 65 is also a legendary dancer.  He had along Marnie Herald to help with vocals.  He got to a lot of the requests on the ‘Requests for Buck 65″ list and threw in some new songs and jokes along the way.  It’s always great when you leave a show feeling like whatever you saw or heard you needed to.  Where the only thing left to do at the end of the night is thank yourself (and your friend -whose idea it was in the first place) for being there. Arizona and  New Mexico -don’t miss out on good vibes and good times when the show comes to your town.

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