Concert Review + Photography: In Flames at Sound Academy (Toronto)

kyng (Los Angeles, CA), Veil of Maya (Oak Park, IL), Trivium (Orlando, FL) and In Flames (Gothenburg, Sweden)
February 15th, 2012
Sound Academy in Toronto, Ontario

Hailing from Gothenburg Sweden, heavy metal band In Flames performed an amazing set Tuesday, February 14th at The Sound Academy in Toronto, Ontario.  They headlined the tour to promote their new album ‘Sounds of a Playground Fading’.  Opening the show was Kyng, Veil Of Maya and Trivium.  The night had began very quiet with only about 100 people, I myself was the only one in the photo pit, which made for quite the experience for myself.

The first band to play was Kyng from Los Angeles, California.  There sound was not as heavy as the other bands, with more of a hard rock feeling to them, amazing guitar work and outstanding drumming made the the crowd shout for more.  The second band to perform is one of my favorite bands, Veil of Maya from Oak Park, Illinois.  With skull crushing breakdowns and clever guitar work made for quite the performance, my personal favorites were played such as ‘Pillars’, ‘Wounds’, and ‘We Bow In Its Aura’.  I was very happy to have the privilege of seeing this band and taking pictures of them.

The next band is a very successful band called Trivium, from Orlando, Florida. Opening their set with the popular song ‘In Waves’ and much communication with the audience throughout their set, open my acceptance to the band, which I had not thought much of them before the show, but now have a much different view on them.  They really were able to pull off a great performance with a lot of movement and fist pumping really warmed up the audience for what was up next.

Widely famous and long running Swedish metal band headlining the tour was ‘In Flames’.  With an amazing nine albums and many awards from various awards from their home country and Metalhammer.  They opened with the song ‘Sounds of a Playground Fading’ and continued with a bit of a retro set playing songs from albums that are almost twenty years old.  Also more recent favorites such as ‘Take This Life’ and ‘Cloud Connected.’  For me it was a very special show because I had already seen ‘In Flames’ live once in London, England but I was far from the stage and could not really believe I was actually seeing my favorite band live.  This show however was much different, I was close enough to the band to touch them and in my opinion took some amazing pictures.  After the photos I joined my friend in the front row, where he had been crying from the over powering emotion of seeing his favorite band live for the first time. We chanted along to the songs and raised our fists and supported the crowd surfers.  It had been the first time I had ‘moshed’ since I was 17.

Now being 22 it was a very refreshing experience and really re-opened my world back up to live music and I can not wait for the next concert!  In Flames We Trust!

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  • that was such a crazy concert.. IN FLAMES AT HEAVY T.O THIS IN 2 weeks !!! so happy, seeing them at the sound academy was my first time seeing my favorite band live. can’t beleive i was front row for it, what an insane crowd !

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