Concert Review + Photography: Breathe Owl Breathe at The Echo (Los Angeles, CA)

Daniel Ahearn & The Jones (Los Angeles, CA), Breathe Owl Breathe (East Jordan, MI), Laura Gibson (Portland, OR)
February 8th, 2012
The Echo in Los Angeles, CA

Gallery: Daniel Ahearn & The Jones
Gallery: Breathe Owl Breathe
Gallery: Laura Gibson

Daniel Ahearn & The Jones started the night off with some slow tunes.  A minimalistic ensemble of 3 musicians this night caught the attention of the few who had made their way into the Echo. As more people flooded in their songs got a little more complex with them layering their vocals and switching up their instruments.  Their debut EP “It’s Not You, It’s Us” will be out early this year.  For those of you in the area they’re playing The Mint on Valentine’s Day.  Since they only write love songs it’s a perfect pairing.

By the time Breathe Owl Breathe took the stage, another minimalist ensemble, the room was packed.  This is a band that has mastered multi-instrumentalism and putting out good vibes.  Most of their songs being folksy stories the crowd watched as Micah Middaugh and  Andréa Moreno-Beals acted out their songs.  Drummer Trevor Hobbs handles percussion as well as piano, sometimes at the same time.  The band really puts on a show while treating your ears to excellent sounds.  This band is extremely talented and their songs being so diverse you find yourself dancing and laughing if not at yourself then at other people. The band finished with Andrea on the floor holding the last vocal note of  “Werewolf” an extremely powerful performance.  Breathe Owl Breathe are touring in support of their newest project, The Listeners/These Train Tracks. A children’s book + 7 inch – 2 children’s stories (one for day, one for night) that are back to back in the same book divided by the 7 inch.  The project was written and illustrated by Micah and printed/assembled by the band in Michigan. A very neat project worth checking out for those little ones in your life or for yourself because adults like stories too, ya know?

Laura Gibson finally took the stage in what seemed like a long wait with her well dressed band behind her. She is on tour supporting her new album La Grande, inspired by the pass-through town in Oregon.  Beautiful folksy Oregon inspired music is good in my book any day.  Breathe Owl Breathe and Laura Gibson still have some tour dates left together.  Check these acts out if they roll by your city!

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