Concert Review + Photography: James Morrison at the Sayers Club (Los Angeles)

James Morrison (United Kingdom)
January 19th, 2012
The Sayers Club in Los Angeles, CA

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The Sayers Club was the place to be last Thursday night for those near enough to Los Angeles.  James Morrison treated a room of about 100 lucky people to a private showcase.  Announced that very day through his facebook page -fans lined up in front of the club for their chance to get in as space was extremely limited.  Those who got in were greeted with a cozy-beautiful setting and news that drinks were on the club because it was open bar.  Industry folk and fans mingled together over drinks discussing the event they were about to see and yes, it had been way too long since James Morrison had made his way back to California.

There is a bit of an air of mystery surrounding the unmarked club: the secret door to get in, the strict no camera policy, the upscale fashion of those who frequent it.  People I spoke to were a bit on edge because of all that they had heard but I assure you, The Sayers Club creates a very calm and welcoming environment, or at least it did when I was there.  A location chosen very well to host James Morrison’s showcase.  Morrison started the night off with ‘In My Dreams,’ stating “it’s so quiet in here.”  In between jokes and stories of his Michael Jackson dreams that inspired ‘Slave to the Music’ fans quickly loosened up and were dancing in their spots by the time the set was over.   The passion he was playing with that night was obvious. Morrison’s voice flourished in such an intimate venue and if some in attendance were not fans, they definitely were by the end of the night.  For those who missed it, worry not- James Morrison is planning a tour in the US this spring, dates are still being confirmed.

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