Photography: Netherfriends at L’International (Paris)

Netherfriends (Chicago, IL) and Dr(Dr)one (Paris, France)
December 12th, 2011
L’International in Paris, France

Gallery: Netherfriends at L’International

Last we saw Shawn aka Netherfriends was way back at the Gigmaven Chicago launch at Subterranean. Next time around, Paris! Who’d’ve thunk it? Since then, he’s effectively became a one man dance band with loop after loop honed in from his 50 songs in 50 states project way at the beginning of 2010. I guess people didn’t know how to take it at first, seeing a sole body on stage. Nevertheless, his beatboxing, looping, and dance skills (not to forget hanging from the ceiling-see photo below) kept the sunday crowd easily entertained. Dr(Dr)one opened up the evening with a completely instrumental set, featuring a saxophonist that would make Michael Lewis and Ryan Olson flip.

All this for a sax

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