Review: Bombay Bicycle Club – A Different Kind of Fix (2011)

Bombay Bicycle Club is the indie-rock band composed of Jack Steadman (lead vocals), Jamie MacColl (guitar, guitar), Ed Nash (bass), and Suren de Saram (drums). Emerging from Crouch End, London in 2006 after wining the “Road to V” competition and subsequently playing the opening slot at V Festival. They’ve gone in a radically different direction for their third, and latest album, A Different Kind of Fix. The BBC dropped their first album, I Had Blues, But I Shook Them in 2009 to positive reviews, which progressed with their stripped down, acoustic album, Flaws in 2010. For A Different Kind of Fix they’ve plugged the guitars back in, and have added even more in the way of synths. This album is definitely more pop than either of its predecessors, and it’s pop done right.


This album is made up of songs that were written over a period of two years. Guitarist, Jamie MacColl mentions this in one interview mentioning that you can distinctly tell which songs written nearer to the first, second, and third album. As you’re listening you can tell which songs were written closer to each album. “Your Eyes” sounds like it was written closer to I Had The Blues, and “Fracture” sounds closer to Flaws.

The album itself it remarkably cohesive for being written over such a stretched period of time. The album opens with the repetitive and insainly catchy, “How Can You Swallow so Much Sleep”. (Which was also included on the Twilight Saga: Eclipse Deluxe Edition Soundtrack) Steadman chants, “Can I wake you up/is it late enough.”, over and over until you are singing it to anyone who can hear. The Lead single, “Shuffle” makes good use of a piano sample that carries throughout the song. Lucy Rose, the same chanteuse that contributed vocals to the track, “Flaws” in 2010, leads her voice to eight of the twelve tracks. This works nicely, especially on their second single, “Lights Out, Words Gone”. Bombay Bicycle Club has managed to progress in an entirely new direction that is pop oriented and still original. This is what makes A Different Kind of Fix pretty great in my book.

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