Photography: Look Mexico at L’International (Paris)

Look Mexico

Look Mexico (Austin, TX)
November 30th, 2011
L’International in Paris, France

Gallery: Look Mexico at L’International

Austin’s Look Mexico has been on the road for well over fifty dates recently, and that frequency came to their benefit Wednesday night in France. For their first time in the city, they headlined L’International in Oberkampf. Since discovering the place in 2009 with Canadian and Tennessee friends, we’ve kinda become resident squatters, living there vicariously between the hours of 9PM till midnight thanks to the free concerts each night of the week. It’s a solid place to play your first show, since amongst the locals it’s very well known as a place to go at night. And it’s quality too as Friday night saw Mister Heavenly, the indie rock supergroup…including bassist Michael Cera of none other than Arrested Development fame.

So I was pretty surprised to hear after the show that Nick Chambers couldn’t hear anything from his drum set. He continued on as if nothing happened, or if you wanna go old-school, like Beethoven on the kick, snare and hi-hats. You honestly couldn’t tell, as they were precise despite the audio issues going on on stage. The Austin via Tallahassee group played a solid selection from their discography, giving Paris a much needed jolt of indie rock in the middle of the week. Honestly, I miss good driving punk-infused rock as much as I miss 2AM Dunkin Donuts runs now that I’m over in these parts. They delivered. What was especially best about Look Mexico’s set are a blend of instrumentals that mix seamlessly into their songs. “Where Were You, Vince?” was one such that gives a bit of breathing room to a genre that can potentially get repetitive at times.

The highlight was obviously “You Stay. I Go. No Following.” wrapping up the night. Pounding drums, well-needed shouts in the chorus from Ryan Slate, and memorably poppy lyrics from Matt Agrella, it brought me back to Chicagoland. Thanks guys for coming on over and giving us all a bit of good fashioned punk-influenced indie rock.

Look Mexico

Look Mexico

Look Mexico

Look Mexico

Paris Setlist:

They Offered Me A Deal, I Said No, Naturally
Arrest? I Don’t Feel Like I’m Under Arrest
Take It Upstairs, Einstein
You Come Into My House, While I Sleep?
It’s Been A Long Time Since I Smelled Beautiful
You Hungry? Good. Cause You’re Sayin’ Grace
You Ever Get Punched in the Face for Talking Too Much?
That’s Funny, Cause It Goes Both Ways
Where Were You, Vince?
Runnin’ Ain’t Freedom
Comin’ in Hot with a Side of Bacon
You Stay. I Go. No Following.

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