Concert Review + Photography: Anamanaguchi at the Troubadour (West Hollywood, CA)

Anamanaguchi (New York), FIDLAR (Los Angeles), Starscream (New York), Newman Wolf (Los Angeles)
October 28th, 2011
The Troubadour in West Hollywood, CA

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Gallery: FIDLAR
Gallery: Starscream

Thanks to ridiculous Los Angeles traffic (I spent 2 hours on the I-5!) I missed Newman Wolf and arrived in the middle of Starscream’s set at the Troubadour in West Hollywood. It was packed full of bodies swaying to Starscream’s melodies.  Although the music is entirely vocal free the band makes their stage presence known often interacting with the crowd.  As the front man swayed the crowd followed.  The band created a hell of an atmosphere and set it up perfectly for the change of pace FIDLAR would bring.

As punk act FIDLAR hit the stage they made sure to mention what the acronym of their band stood for.  “Fuck it dog life’s a risk” started strong and fast.  Within the first few songs you got to watch frontman Zac throw himself around the stage never missing a note.  They got the crowd moving within seconds and the crowd surfers began making their way across the audience.  The band got requests for an encore but couldn’t oblige.  The crowd didn’t have long to mull over FIDLAR’s ferrocious set before Anamanaguchi made their way on stage.

Anamanaguchi makes their own atmosphere: up went projections of floating smoking frog graphics, up went cartoon images of pizza, furbies, ice cream cones and the like, and out went hundreds of glowsticks.  The crowd was ready.  Anamanaguchi’s chiptune music brings a variety of nerdy people out to dance.  An Anamanaguchi show wreaks of acceptance.  Throughout the show there were crowd surfers, dancing pits that would breakout, people in costumes, dudes in masks.  The atmosphere was incredible.  The Nintendo game systems that they are famous for using aren’t even set up center stage, they are pushed to the far left of the stage so the band has plenty of room to move about.  Anamanaguchi plays hard, their show is one of the funnest concerts one could ever experience.

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