Concert Review + Photography: Bleeding Knees Club, WATERS, and Male Bonding at The Casbah (San Diego)

Male Bonding (London, England), WATERS (San Francisco/Oslo), Bleeding Knees Club (Australia)
October 27th, 2011
The Casbah in San Diego, California

Gallery: Male Bonding
Gallery: WATERS
Gallery: Bleeding Knees Club

Bleeding Knees Club is a trio of dudes hailing from Australia making good old indie punk rock.  They write about what they know and they keep their songs simple.  These dudes have fun. Frontman Alex has a voice you wouldn’t expect to come from a guy like him.  His voice is pretty classic for punk rock.

Every time WATERS plays SoCal they get better.  Their energy is greater, the jokes are better,  the music is played harder. Guitarist Niko graced the audience ear’s by speaking his native Oslo tongue in case there was any disbelievers of him actually being from Oslo. Van Pierzalowski was in high spirits and so talkative that he almost said too much catching himself saying, “that will get me in big trouble” and quickly started to play “The Ones That You Had Before.”  The band ended their set with “For The One” as usual and the crowd who was hanging out in the back for a lot of the set ended up at the front of the stage rocking out.  The band gained plenty of new fans this night.

Male Bonding is an excellent punk rock band from London.  Their music is proof that punk is alive, well, and will thrive.  The frontman still wears the leather jacket with the pins on it (classic) but the whole band is very modernized.  They give off that same energy in a much cleaner way.  After being away from it for so long, I dusted off my favorite punk records after their show.    There’s a certain feeling that I use to get when listening to punk or being at a show and they brought back that feeling and for that I thank them.

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