Concert Review + Photography: Cgak, Grandchildren, and Man Man at The Glasshouse (Pomona, CA)

Man Man (Philadelphia, PA), Grandchildren (Philadelphia, PA), Cgak (Los Angeles, CA)
October 26th, 2011
The Glasshouse in Pomona, California

Gallery: Cgak
Gallery: Grandchildren
Gallery: Man Man

If you are familiar with the RX Bandits then you are probably familar with Chris Tsagakis, their drummer.  His electronic/experimental project Cgak started the night off right at the Glasshouse in Pomona, CA.  With a table full of odds and ends Tsagakis and friend Lisa Papineau layered sound effects and beats from scratch to the delight of everyone’s ears.

Following Cgak’s performance was the 6 member band, Grandchildren.  Performing songs from their debut album Everlasting, one can do little else but watch in awe at the multi-talented musicians that make up the band.  They put on a very busy show-almost musical chair like with their members switching instruments throughout their set.  Their stage set up was a bit unconventional in a really cool way.  They didn’t push the drum set to the back like most in fact their set up was all pushed to the front which gave you a clear view of everything throughout their performance.   There is definitely a lot to see too.  They blend an expansive amount of instruments to compose these amazing tracks, you could easily get lost in their music.  Their next shows are scheduled in Texas but if  Grandchildren are around your side of town go check them out.  A lot of great music is coming out of Philadelphia and they are definitely making some worth listening to.

Man Man, another Philadelphia band closed the show out.  Seeing Man Man is an experience in itself.  They put so much energy into their performance that at times it is difficult to direct your attention for fear that you’ll miss something.  Man Man fans are incredible and a lot of them even show up in war paint like the members of the band itself.  Much like the other acts that preceded them their musicians also are multi-talented switching instruments throughout their set.  Their set was a perfect blend of their newer songs from their latest album, Life Fantastic  to other Man Man classics like “Push The Eagle’s Stomach,” “Engwish Bwood,” “Black Mission Goggles,” and “Mister Jung Stuffed” just to name a few.  Honus Honus makes an excellent front man who is constantly morphing to play out characters in his songs.  The rest of the members who have equally as interesting stage names make their presence well known too.  Like drummer Pow Pow jumping in sync with Honus Honus at one point in the show.  The band has mastered how to create an excellent atmosphere and get every single person moving.  Don’t miss the chance to see Man Man.

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