Photography: Maria Taylor at the Casbah (San Diego)

Maria Taylor (Birmingham, AL), Dead Fingers (Birmingham, AL), Big Harp (Los Angeles/Valentine)
October 18th, 2011
The Casbah in San Diego, California

Gallery: Maria Taylor
Gallery: Dead Fingers
Gallery: Big Harp

A crowd of around 30 people got to enjoy the musical stylings of Dead Fingers, Big Harp, and Maria Taylor at the Casbah in San Diego.  Maria Taylor’s current tour is definitely a family affair.  She brought along her sister’s band Dead Fingers to open up for her.  The two members that make up the band are Kate Taylor and Taylor Hollingsworth who announced they got married last week, so congratulations! Despite the band name Dead Fingers is a very cute band.  Their music is calm and inviting. Big Harp killed it at the Casbah!  Although they only had 3 people on stage their music filled the room.  Chris and Stefanie Senseney, the husband-and-wife duo that make up Big Harp produce an excellent sound.  You can currently download two of their songs in exchange for an email address.  Give them a listen here and here.  Maria Taylor played lovely.  She mostly sang songs from her latest record Overlook which plays very well live. You can get two songs off of her newest album in exchange for an email address here and here.  She had her sister helping her out with vocals and brought up Taylor Hollingsworth to help play on some songs as well.  She also shared some great news with those in attendance: Maria Taylor is expecting!  She mentioned she was very tired but happy to be on tour anyway.  The few snags she had during her performance she blamed on her “pregnant brain.”  She played like a champion and seemed very happy to do so.  Congratulations again to those on the Maria Taylor tour!


***Shout out to the awesome security at the Casbah, thanks again for being so cool!***

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