Photography: Mister Heavenly at The Independent (San Francisco, CA)

Mister Heavenly (Dreams), WATERS (San Francisco/Oslo), Niilo Smeds (California)
August 22nd, 2011
The Independent in San Francisco, CA

Niilo Smeds opened the show on a cool Monday night at the Independent in San Francisco.  His music was beautiful and very calming.  I wasn’t sure what to expect with such a calm opening act.  Then followed WATERS.  These charming group of dudes put on a very energetic performance and even got the crowd to help out with the singing a bit towards the end of their set.  There probably isn’t anything original I could say about Mister Heavenly because at this point you must have heard it all. Most fans of the trio can be usually traced back to one of the member’s other projects (Joe Plummer- The Shins/Modest Mouse, Nick Thorburn- Islands, Ryan Kattner A.K.A Honus Honus- Man Man), and I am no different. Joe Plummer is one of my favorite drummers and when I heard about this new “supergroup” I had to see it for myself. It took a better part of a year but I finally made it out to my first Mister Heavenly show. It was a small gathering of SF folks, but it definitely wasn’t boring. They delivered a very raw and fun performance.  Catch them when you can, you will not regret it.

1. I Am A Hologram
2. Mister Heavenly
3. Hold My Hand
4. Diddy Eyes
5. Harm You
6. Reggae Pie
7. Charlyne
8. Your Girl
9. Heavy Tumblin
10. Pineapple Girl
11. Doom Wop
12. Wise Men

1. In Heaven
2. Look Good In Leather
3. Bronx Sniper

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