Review: Spyder Baybie Raw Dog and 2% Muck – Grimeworld (2011)

Spyder Baybie Raw Dog and 2% Muck: Grimeworld came out on Totally Gross National Product in April this year. The beats on Grimeworld are the most exciting thing about this album. Elements of grime dubstep, bass heavy bounce and early 90’s style Miami bass are layered throughout the album.

Every song on the album is explicit except for “Grocery Store,” which is actually my favorite track. I’m not easily offended or prude by any means, but the explicit lyrics hit me as trite and juvenile. The comedic approach of this duo completely escaped me.

Imagine if the boys from The Lonely Island started rapping together in high school and it was not a spoof, they were dead serious. This is what the lyrical content of Spyder Baybie Raw Dog and 2% Muck’s Grimeworld reminds me of. The glorification of methamphetamines, heroin and ecstasy are really unnecessary.  The references to various sex acts in every song are excessive and after a while I just lost interest in the lyrics all together.

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some 2 Live Crew and NWA, but they brought an abundance of skill to dirty rap. The rapping skills that Spyder Baybie Raw Dog and 2% Muck bring to the table on Grimeworld leaves a lot to be desired. It’s catchy, it’s dirty, it’s obvious…kind of like those billboards you see in Las Vegas for the strip clubs. If that’s what you’re into cool, but this was definitely not my cup of tea. I think this is a love it or hate it type of album.



“Grocery Store” – The beat boxing and warped out synth creates a sound that is reminiscent of TV on The Radio.  I much prefer their singing to their rapping, which brings in a bit more of an R&B element. While the lyrics and premise of the song are simple, this track illustrates the creativity that Spyder Babie Raw Dog and 2% Muck are capable of. “Grocery Store” is about getting to a point of monotony where the biggest activity in life is going to the grocery store. This reminds me of the idea behind the song “Lost In The Supermarket” by The Clash.

“Camel” – The horn loop in the bass heavy beat is a sick throw back to early 90’s bumpy hip hop.  Reminds me of something off of the album Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde.

“Ice Cream” – Has a big bounce thick Miami bass beat ala Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “baby got back” and some great break beats chopped up in there.

“52247365” and “S.B.B.B.” – Both tracks are heavy with the grime dub step cuts in the mix and this is carried throughout Grimeworld on several tracks.

Sypder Babie Raw Dog and 2% Muck
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Rating: 5.5/10
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