Photography: Laura Stevenson and The Cans at the Triple Rock Social Club (Minneapolis)

Laura Stevenson and The Cans (Brooklyn, NY)
May 4th, 2011
Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Gallery: Laura Stevenson and The Cans

Tonight the Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis was aglow with fresh faces. Laura Stevenson and The Cans were in town to promote their new LP “Sit Resist”. I have to admit I had never heard a song of Laura’s before the night had begun and when it was over and the smoke cleared, I wanted the set to continue.

The crowd seemed a bit reserved for the most part, down on the floor taking every song in. Laura commented how well behaved everyone was, and the band “Now, Now” asked how they were doing because they could not gauge it from the quietness of the crowd. Every question directed at the crowd was greeted was met with applause and cheers, of course the show was great. I did think things were pretty calm, but then again my last few shows at the Triple Rock had been Evening Rig, The 4ontheFloor and Sims of Doomtree.

Laura Stevenson has a strong voice with a kind of innocent, pure quality to it. In songs such as “Master of Art”, it really showcases a few areas of her voice range, power and vibrato, and the driving singer sing-writer vibe of the group. Be sure to check this band out if they come through your town.

You can find Laura Stevenson and the Cans new LP on iTunes and at your local independent record store.

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