Concert Review + Photography: The Lonely Forest at Lincoln Hall (Chicago)

The Lonely Forest (Anacortes, WA)
April 5th, 2011
Lincoln Hall Chicago, IL

At 8:45 PM the main room at Lincoln Hall was sparsely set with around 35 people and 25 lining the balcony. Luckily the main room  filled  up by 9 PM. Taking the stage a bit after 9 the four boys from The Lonely Forest wasted no time and started their set with “Turn Off The Song” from their self titled EP that came out in 2010.

Guitarist, Tony Ruland and bassist, Eric Sturgeon dance around wildly together with their guitars. There is no short amount of energy with this band. As Ruland and Sturgeon jump up and down in unison. Lead singer,  John Van Deusen started out the second song with “I wanna be addicted to love” while drummer Braydn Krueger provided backing vocals. The rocking music and  performance not only lead the band to dance on stage, but the ground floor on Lincoln Hall shook as covert goers jumped up and down singing to each song. The crowd jeered for the band to play, “Woe Is Me”, instead they played “Coyote” and a few more songs from their new album.

“Did you notice we’re all wearing matching converse? You can’t say no to free shoes.” Van Deusen joked with the audience as he tuned his guitar. The best thing about see The Lonely Forest perform is that no matter how large the crowd became, they gave you a sense that they were playing at house party or your cook out. They four guys have an undeniable sense of unison and understanding of each other on stage and is shows. They bring the same intimacy that you get from Van Deusen’s lyrics. Joking along with the audience once more as a fan shouts “Can I buy you a burrito?” “How about a burrito bowl, man?” Van Desuen shouts back. “It’s only two doors down!” “Man I’m glad it’s not 3 doors down.” Van Desuen said as the crowd laughed.

The only disappointing this about this show was that they were the opening band. Therefore they were held to a strict time limit. The time limit didn’t take away from the performance but I can’t wait to see them headline a show of their own. If you missed the show at Lincoln Hall you are in luck. I say luck because they will be back next month with Death Cab For Cutie for a show at the Metro. You will need luck, as the show is already sold out. For more tour dates check out their website.


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