On the Horizon: Gentlemen Drivers

Every so often something just leaves you dead on the tracks, be it the fact I’m seeing snow April 16th when it was over 70° last week and perfect biking weather, the first time you see Godard’s Weekend, or last night’s circus of an experience of of Montreal opening Union South here in Madison. These things leave you wondering what the thinking was behind each event, the latter case…probably just wondering if that was real or not. Similarly, Lisa Li-Lund contributed vocals to a trip of a video from Gentlemen Drivers involving a demented puppet disturbing an unassuming, suburban sweater-clad platonic family dinner.


Director Allen Cordell‘s alternate reality of the Griswold Christmas dinner, with less flash-fried felines and more demonic dance muppetry, is concurrently disturbing and enchanting. Not the typical thing you’d expect from someone who’s associated with Beach House or Cloud Nothings. Focusing on the music and not so much the giant sword-wielding father figure or the grave-digging, Paris’ Gentlemen Drivers honed their electro on Klaxons, Uffie and fellow Because Music artist extraordinaire Charlotte Gainsbourg. Expect a full-length this fall, just please don’t let this muppet be part of the deluxe package-I haven’t mastered using silverware with tentacles yet.

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