Photography: Sims, Lazerbeak, Astronautalis and Mally at the Triple Rock Social Club (Minneapolis)

Mally (Minneapolis), Astronautalis (Seattle) and Sims and Lazerbeak (Minneapolis)
March 25th, 2011
The Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Gallery: Sims with Lazerbeak, Astronautalis, and Mally

Standing in line outside the Triple Rock Social Club, many of the people getting in line were muttering the same thing: “I had no idea there were going to be so many people!”. Indeed there were a lot of people, it sold out.

Mally opened the show with an energetic and exciting set, rapping and handing out copies of his CD right from stage.

Astronautalis was the second act of the night. I had never seen him before and was quite excited, and this excitement was well warranted. If you have never seen him before, he has a part of his act where he asks the crowd to throw out random things to incorporate into a rap song.

After doing one song with Astronautalis earlier in the night, Sims came out for a set in support of his recent release “Bad Time Zoo“. I was standing on the left side of the stage and started seeing various members of Doomtree show up during the night. I have posted a video below of what may be the final Doomtree performance of the song “Knives on Fire” (as proclaimed by Sims) with Mike Mictlan, and P.O.S..



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