Review: Void Pedal – Omni Colour (2011)

Omni Colour is the debut album by Chicago based producer Chad Schneider (Void Pedal). The instrumental album provides a complex layering of the full spectrum in a mere 45 minuets. Every track sounds as if it would be suited for a Danny Boyle film and perhaps it will wind up there.

The tick, tock, bleep & blop all crawl under your skin and manifest ripples of pure joy, pain, and honest reflection. Without the distraction of lyrics you can really feel the heart and soul poured into each track. I closed my eyes while listening to this album the first time through. I was transported back to places in my childhood, a recurring dream in a place I had never been, and into outer space.  Omni Colour will take you as far as you are willing to go in your mind.

Chad Schneider’s love of sound and skillful orchestration is abundantly clear in this abum. He craetes all of the material from scratch by playing bass, guitar, organs and an analog synthesizer making other recording artists look lazy. Chad grew up in a family where music was foundational in their communication. His grandfather taught him how to play guitar and he taught himself how to play multiple other instruments at a young age. This was the begining of his love affair with layers of sound.

You can hear some dub step and drum & bass influences in Omni Colour, but there is an authenticity to this album that soars above other electronic music. The walls of sound envelope you like a warm blanket in this plus incarnation by Void Pedal. It’s like a thousand layer cake with rich levels of frosting in between every tone.

This is the kind of album that you could listen to all by yourself and be totally carried away or throw on at a party without overwhelming the conversation. Depednging on what mood you are in, Omni Colour will mold to fit you. Kind of like those old mood rings you used to get at the corner store.

With each listen it seems like I find new bits and pieces that I didn’t hear before and they inhabit little crevices in my mind. It’s like going on a vacation every time I play Omni Colour. I never know quite where I’m going, but I’m excited and intrigued by the journey.

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Rating: 6.7/10
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