Concert Review: Girl Talk at Hollywood Palladium (Los Angeles)

Girl Talk (Pittsburgh, PA) and Max Tundra (London, England)
March 26th, 2011
The Palladium in Los Angeles, CA

The controversial mash up artist Girl Talk added a show on at the last minute because the Palladium sold out in a flash for the March 21 show. Gregg Gills aka Girl Talk set himself up to leave a lasting impression with this being the final show of the tour. As soon as I saw the huge net full of balloons that hung over head I knew it was going to be a night to remember.

When I arrived there was a short balding guy on a keyboard who seemed a bit awkward up on the Palladium’s gigantic stage all by his lonesome. London based Max Tundra sang kind of like Prince with a bad cold while he picked up several versions of a melodica and a xylophone to accompany himself. He did have incredibly fun and spastic energy that was infectious. The best part of his set was the cover of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.”

The dank aroma of weed, body odor and patchouli grew thick as more people piled into the show. A super mixed all-ages crowd included everything from the teenybopper little kids to a sprinkling of older (40+) people. There was a tangible buzz of excitement and anxiety in addition to the ample amount of kids on drugs. A girl that clearly piqued too soon must have mistaken me for a pillar or a chair because her entire body weight was leaned up against me. Just up in front of us there were three teenagers that were literally dry humping each other.

 A massive white sheet dropped from the ceiling behind the stage to reveal a monumental light board. Gregg Gills raced out jumping up and down to greet ecstatic fans and quickly hopped behind the table to kick things off. The crowd quickly turned into a mob of people pushing to get closer to the stage and dancing erratically. There were about four times throughout the show when I thought to myself “I may pass out right now.” Luckily my friend Taylor appointed himself the job of being my personal bodyguard and kept me safe by flinging sweaty belligerent men off of me.

About four guys up on stage broke out automatic toilet paper rollers that shot streams of TP into the crowd. There was as much of a part up on stage as there was down in the crowd. All of the sudden long clear plastic tubes sprang out into the crowd with confetti flowing inside of the tubes and loud popping noises sent confetti flying intermittently over the masses. The light board danced with every electric pop rockin booty shakin mix mash and prompted the crowd to chant along. It was like being in an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba on ecstasy.

One of the highlights of the evening was the Pixies “Where Is My Mind” mixed with 50 Cent’s “In Da Club.” I felt every cell in my body wake up and smile. Even the rhythmless nations were twerkin all over the place from start to finish. It is literally impossible to sit still while listening to Girl Talk and the live show evokes compulsive dance moves.

A sprinkling of balloons popped out and floated up from the crowd and then immense balloons filled with confetti started to drop on the herd and pop open releasing magical goodness. Just then a swarm of colossal plastic pillows covered in bright colored cases were floated out over everyone’s spirit fingers that reached to the sky. As the mix of John Lennon’s “Imagine” started to play the large net overhead came loose and spilled a waterfall of colorful balloons over the elated mass of sweaty happy people.

By the end of the show Gills was shirtless and barefoot with his dripping long stringy hair sticking to his smiling face. Gills came back out for a 20-minute encore that finished up with the theme song from Jurassic Park. I felt like I had survived a stampede of T-Rex proportions that night as I followed a sea of people to the exit with my clothes clinging to me.

This show quickly worked its way up to the number three spot on my top live shows list. It doesn’t matter what kind of music you like because Girl Talk uses it all. If you get the chance to see him live I wouldn’t pass it up.

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