P.C. Allen (Madison), Double Ewes (Madison) and Archie Powell & The Exports (Chicago)
March 12th, 2011
The Project Lodge in Madison, Wisconsin

Gallery: Mezzic Presents!: Archie Powell & The Exports at The Project Lodge

There’s a first for everything. Saturday, March 12th, Mezzic with the sage advice and help of Wyndham Manning IV helped inaugurate our first Mezzic show featuring Archie Powell & The Exports’ long-awaited return to Madison. The former Madisonites who moved and subsequently have been building buzz over their Elvis Costello-esque rock and all around fun sound were warmly welcomed by none other than Metal Max. How so? On stage interview before the concert even started (“So tell me, what do you export?” ‘Matches.’).

It’d feel self-serving to give a review of our own show, so I’ll leave you with photos from the night. Big massive thanks for P.C. Allen for helping promote and plug the show, as well as coming in on the drop of a dime to open with his blues rock-influence folk that left friends whirling. And to our new friend Double Ewes, who’s solo work mixing electronic and electric guitar was a refreshing combo prior to AP&E retaking the stage in Madison. Thank you as well, 77 Square for the support behind the scenes leading up and for our email exchanges. Thank you The Project Lodge for hosting all of us! If you’re around Madison, please do check out this tremendous open arts space run by great people. And most of all, thank you to every single one of you who came out!


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