Thursday, March 17th from 12-8PM, Wisconsin is bringing talent from every aspect of music and the arts down to SXSW for a special showcase: SXWI! Come by for an afternoon of free music, brats and microbrewery beer! SXWI is joining up with prominent Wisconsin blogs, Urban Agrarian, Mezzic (that’s us!), and Rock of the Arts as well as Blue Farm in Janesville and Detjen’s Meats in Watertown. The headliner will be All Tiny Creatures, led by Thomas Wincek of Volcano Choir.

Urban Agrarian
12PM – P.C. Allen
12:30 – Corcovado
1:00 – Pioneer
1:30 – Cedarwell

2:45 – Shaneshane
3:15 – Brett Newski
3:45 – Amy Musser
4:00 – Subvocal
4:30 – Group of the Altos

Rock of the Arts
5:30 – Double Ewes
6:00 – Andrew Fitzpatrick
6:30 – RichDad
7:00 – All Tiny Creatures

Outside of Rainey Manor in downtown Austin. Follow signs and Wisconsin flags near the Lustre Pearl (97 Rainey Street), as it is a pop-up venue. Only two blocks from the Austin Convention Center.



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