Photography: Nick Jaina at Lothlórien Co-op (Madison)

Nick Jaina (Portland), Anna Vogelzang (Madison), and Amy Musser (Madison)
October 22nd, 2010
Lothlórien Co-op in Madison, Wisconsin

A co-op experience in Madison was something new to me on Friday night. Essentially university housing, the Lothlórien was distinctly artistic. Couches, art, literature throughout. Amy revealed her French singing. Anna’s tremendous voice returned to form after being sick. And the evening was capped with an astounding, no electricity allowed, performance by Nick Jaina from Portland. Think Mumford & Sons‘ musicianship, Craig Finn’s vocal range, and southern Americana/folk all in one. At the end, watch a live session of “Sebastopol” for a taste of why we were so enthralled.

Gallery: Nick Jaina at the Lothlórien Co-op






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