Review Roundup: Trapt, Interpol, Nelly, Puddle of Mudd, Muse, Korn, Three Days Grace

Think “Slow Hands” with a diluted “No I in Threesome” and you’ve got the latest from Interpol. It is the awkward dance of an indie kid with superb drumming from Greg Drudy with guitars that distract like a pair of glow sticks in a dark room.


KornLet The Guilt Go
“Let the Guilt Go” plunges headfirst into the oily metal of Korn’s revivalist album. As a single, it’s musical cliff of an intro would turn off some if Jonathan Davis’ subtle singing intervention between the verse and chorus was not as perfectly placed. The pause itself prevents the single from falling back into mediocracy, until halfway into the song the reflected musings set Korn’s latest single apart from any other they’ve previously released.


MuseUndisclosed Desires
I undeniably grew to loathe hearing “Neutron Star Collision” and “Uprising” on the radio rather quickly. Matthew Bellamy dominated the songs to the point it detracted from the music itself. “Undisclosed Desires” is the single that draws his vocals taut and restrains to the point we can delve into the ethereal electric symphony behind him in his bandmates. It’s what gave Absolution its popularity, and thankfully has now been brought to the forefront.


NellyJust A Dream
Nelly had an album in 2008? After Sweatsuit? “Just a Dream” does a far better job in pulling the St. Louis rapper back into the forefront of radio than anything since Nellyville. It captures those windows-down summer vibes of that era without the featured vocalists and gimmicks many R&B and hip-hop artists call for these days. Sometimes, it’s best to stick with your core as “Just a Dream” represents.

Puddle of MuddKeep It Together
Any alternative or rock band needs to give the listeners a breather. Puddle of Mudd happens to do this phenomenally with singles that often top their harder tracks. “Keep It Together” is one such that follows on the well-worn heels of “Spaceship” and “Stoned.” The new single fits with the changing seasons thanks to the acoustic guitars (similar to Tantric) that hearkens back to “Spin You Around” mixed with “We Don’t Have to Look Back Now.” Nudge this between the two, as it is one of their best.

Three Days GraceWorld So Cold
The build-up into the chorus is the key to the new single off of Life Starts Now. While it can’t help but conjure up conjuncted thoughts of Breaking Benjamin and Cold, the single is “frozen in time” back about 6 years. A time change or two could have helped vary it up, or tempo (see “Pain”).

TraptSound Off
“Sound Off” misses several elements that previous Trapt singles held, confirmed as well by the departure of using a cartoony album art for the single (reminds me more of Eve 6). It drives forward as any alternative rock single, leaving you the passenger wondering where’s the conversation, where’s the connection with the person driving you that was in “Who’s Going Home With You Tonight?” or “Echo.” It attempts to follow “Stand Up” stylistically, but the chorus backspins on the gravel with little handling.

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