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Recommendations these days are predominately word-of-mouth. It truly is the most effective form of marketing in business and music. Word-of-mouth has a way to transcend even negative preset connotations. Thus when electronica was associated with Siriusmo‘s name, that predisposition was swiftly tossed out the window like an old television purely due to the Twitter account it was coming from. In effect, “Wow” represents everything I adored about the first song to graze past my ears, “Let Me In!”


Moritz Friedrich is an amalgamation of Berlin creativity, and bubbling over outside city limits. He’s a street artist, illustrator and occasionally a construction worker. Despite these seemingly broad occupations, tearing and rebuilding according to his whim is one constant throughout the likes of 2009’s The Uninvited Guest and the recently released The Plasterer of Love. In the case of “Let Me In!,” a downward spiral spins to a dead stop before a childlike voice plays the Big Bad Wolf in the demand. Now we all know the stories where the wolf blows on a house of straw, then a house of sticks…but Siriusmo’s creation straight-up slams a wrecking ball of dubstep into the song.

[soundcloud width=”100%” height=”81″ params=”secret_url=false” url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/2002952?secret_token=s-ti4C3″] Siriusmo Radio-Mix by Exploited

Siriusmo not only is flourishing as a producer with his own beats, but will soon be taking on the electro-pop scene accompanied by the owner of the aforementioned Twitter account, Yelle. Siriusmo, along with Tepr and Grand Marnier, were announced as the producers for her upcoming, highly anticipated sophomore release. If you thought “Je veux te voir” was catchy, just wait…

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