Review Roundup: Singles from Three Days Grace and These Arms Are Snakes

It’s a calm week given the massive update to iTunes and its Store. A review of that will follow shortly.

Three Days GraceBreak
Starting with synth and ending with 1980s-style choruses, the new singles starts off and ends ambitiously. However it continues in the same vein as Pain and prior efforts, tweaking the guitar solos in brightness while adding small noticeable elements that unfortunately don’t seem too cohesive as Riot and Animal had been.

These Arms Are SnakesWashburn
A surprising new single from Seattle’s pioneering post-hardcore outfit starts viciously. Unaccustomed listeners are wrenched in a few seconds in by vocalist Steve Snere while a melee of progressive, heavy guitars encircle your ears. To the acquainted, the territory is as heavy as molten iron as Tail Swallower and Dove yet continues to drift away from the more experimental Easter or the earlier catalog. It could force itself into the 2008 auditory assault, though lacks something progressive as on Lucifer or Lead Beater


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