Photography: Los Campesinos! at the Empty Bottle (Chicago, IL)

Los Campesinos! with Jeffrey Lewis & The Jitters
The Empty Bottle in Chicago, Illinois
May 28th, 2008
John Brunner : SmugMug

It’s always a pleasant surprise when an opening act does something fresh. Jeffrey Lewis did that last night before the Los Campesinos! show. The lower east side of NY group recited a poem devoted to ramen and noodles, declaring their dream to open a noodle joint to avoid “artistic famine” before jumping into a history lesson/cover song marathon detailing punk music between 1950-1975, called the History of the Development of Punk on the Lower East Side. Oh, and he showed us one of his films…mainly just him flipping through a giant comic. It hearkened back to Troubled Hubble‘s crazy antics, like drawing/painting on stage during a concert.

Regardless, for a fantastic review of Los Campesinos!’s set, check out for their expert word-smithery. Los Campesinos! Break Hearts in Chicago


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